8 Best Android Apps to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria (2022)

To avoid losing your gift cards to scammers online, I’ve shared a list out the best Android apps to sell or trade gift cards in Nigeria.

Gift cards are like prepaid debit cards in that funds are deposited into them for future usage. These unique cards are occasionally used to pay for products online instead of using credit or debit cards.

There are sites in this region of the world that prefer to swap these gift cards for cash; if you hold one of those, you may sell it for actual cash, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. Trading gift cards for cash in Nigeria might be a daunting task if you sell on untrustworthy apps or websites.

Gift cards are quite easy to lose, and there is no way to reclaim the loss. Losing a gift card can happen when you are scammed by a fraudster or on sites that pretend to buy gift cards but never do.

While we know that gift card frauds are increasingly frequent online in Nigeria, the victim has no method of reclaiming it. However, there are secure methods to exchange gift cards without losing them to scammers by using genuine online platforms that have shown to be trustworthy over time.

In this article, I’ll present Android applications for selling gift cards in Nigeria. Let’s get started!

Best apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria

1. Cardtonic

Apps to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

Selling gift cards in Nigeria is now as easier as ever with Cardtonic, you can sell your gift cards and bitcoins very fast on this app and you’ll get your payment in Naira without any form of delay. Cardtonic has some good rates on different cards and they buy almost all popular gift cards.

Cardtonic is reliable and their app has a very nice interface that’ll allow you to trade easily without facing issues on it. If you’re looking for a good app to sell gift cards in Nigeria, then you should try Cardtonic cause it’s one of the best Android apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

2. SnappyExchange

Apps to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

When it comes to the best app to trade your gift card in Nigeria, SnappyExchange is one of best. Founded in June 2020 and since then bought thousands of gift cards, SnappyExchnage has made it easy for people to sell their gift cards and bitcoin for cash without having to go through all the trouble of actually selling them individually on Facebook or through classified ads, etc.

As a result of their outstanding services, SnappyExchnage is now not only available in Nigeria, but is now also available for users in Ghana. This means you can also make use of Snappyexchange to trade your gift card in Ghana. With over 30,000 active traders on this platform, you will forever be grateful for trading on SnappyExchnage.

A few things you should expect for trading on SnappyExchange include 24/7 customer support, weekly cash reward for traders, user ranking and snappy token reward, etc. And they also have a Blog Page where you can learn about Gift card and cryptocurrency.

The SnappyExchange app has all the features to ensure all your funds and transactions are safe, such as a Biometric fingerprint, instant notification on your email account once there is a successful login attempt, etc. Above all, the user interface is highly unique to grab your attention all through your transactions.

3. Prestmit

Apps to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

When compared to the competitors, Prestmit provides one of the most distinctive digital asset trading platforms. If you haven’t used this platform before, go to their website to learn why they are one of the best sites for selling gift cards and other digital assets.

Let’s take a look at the app itself; the design is sleek, fast, and lightweight. Prestmit made certain that its app accurately reflected its offerings. If you opt to sell your gift cards on Prestmit, the app is safe, user and beginner-friendly, and you will be paid instantly.

To get started, download the app from the Apple Store for iOS devices or the Play Store for Android users. After, registering and logging in, picking the kind of gift card and amount, submit your gift card for processing. Then wait a few minutes to get paid.

4. CardnCash

Apps to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

CardnCash is perhaps the best site to simply swap your gift cards for cash or bitcoin without losing them. As long as you provide them with a legitimate gift card, all is sorted. They have the best rates and also provide a safe platform where your cards will not be utilized during a transaction.

CardnCash accepts several gift card currencies and will pay you instantly. This program offers an easy-to-use UI and an excellent support system. It’s one of the top Android applications for selling gift cards in Nigeria.

5. Rocket by Chiji14xchange

Rocket by Chiji14xchange

Rocket is an app for trading gift cards that is owned and created by one of Nigeria’s most prominent bitcoin merchants (Chiji14xchange). You’ll get the best prices to redeem or trade your gift cards on Rocket, and you can sell your gift cards for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Naira, and you’ll get paid in under 5 minutes.

Rocket by Chiji14xchange is an excellent program that is protected by end-to-end encryption. They provide great customer service and their software is simple to use.

6. Patricia

Apps to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

The reviews on the Patricia app on Google Play Store will scare you at first, a lot of negative comments to make you run off from using the app, but it’s an app I’ve used once and I can say it’s not as bad as people labelled it. Patricia offers the best rates to sell your gift cards and get paid in Naira or BTC.

Patricia is secure and also has good customer support, it’s one of the best Android apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria. You can trust them with your gift cards any day, any time.

7. Paxful Bitcoin Exchange

Paxful Bitcoin Exchange

You must have heard of Paxful, and if this is your first time trading gift cards then you know about it now. Paxful is arguably the biggest place online to sell your gift cards and convert them to cash, and Bitcoin and get paid instantly without hassles. However, it’s not as secure as it often seems to be but you can still trade comfortably on Paxful.

You’ll find juicy rates to sell your gift cards for and you’ll also get escrow support on Paxful just in case something happens while you’re trading. Paxful is one of the Android apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

8. TruthX


TruthX is another good app for redeeming or selling gift cards and bitcoins in Nigeria. They also offer different rates and these rates are juicy as ever, you can have safe transactions on TruthX and they pay instantly with no delays attached. Reliable customer support and also an easy interface to trade easily.

TruthX is one of the best Android apps to sell gift cards in Nigeria, you can give them a try and I’m sure there won’t be any regrets.


With any of these listed applications, I’m sure you’ll be having swift and secured trades when you want to sell your gift cards online, these apps will keep you safe from gift card scammers online.

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