8 Useful Browser Extensions for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Looking for the best browser extension to choose from the broad list of extensions on Chrome and Mozilla? Here are the best ones carefully selected by us on Informedia. Browser extensions are one of the most important tools we use on our web browsers on PC, they’re very common and popular on browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

There are different browser extensions out there and some of these extensions don’t let us feel the need for software to serve our needs.

You can get a VPN in form of an extension and many more. In this article I’ll be listing out some useful browser extensions you can use on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox or any other browsers that support extensions.

I used some of the listed extensions and I can tell you they’re very helpful and helps out on different occasions, and I don’t feel the need to get software programs before getting what I want. Without further ado, let’s delve right into this article.

8 Useful Browser Extensions for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 

1. ColorPick

Useful browser extensions

ColorPick is one of my favourite browser extension, and being the web designer that I am, it’s an extension I need and any other web designer like me should adapt to using this browser extension to make their work faster and look more professional.

ColorPick is an extension that’ll allow you to pick colour codes from different colours spotted, so if you want to apply colour on a website you’re working on, you just need to find the colour from a source and use the extension to get the code.

2. Grammarly

Useful browser extensions

Grammarly is an important tool for writers. If you’re a blogger, a content writer or you’re writing just normal notes or letters for emails, you’ll need Grammarly to help you check out words you misspelt, areas where you’re supposed to add punctuations and all. Grammarly extension will help you avoid grammatical errors and help make your writings look very professional.

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3. Earth VPN

Useful browser extensions

Earth VPN is one of the best VPN browser extension you can use to access blocked websites for free without using a VPN app, and this VPN offers free service and it offers strong VPN connectivity from places like the USA and the UK. You can use this browser extension your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

4. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a screen grabber extension you can use to capture images and record videos without leaving your browser. It’s a very nice extension and it also has features that can make you edit captured clips and images, you can add comments, filters and also blur important info. If you want to save videos or images without stress, this is the best extension to use.

5. Dark Reader

Dark reader

Dark Reader is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, this extension lets you read contents on websites in Dark Mode, if a website doesn’t have the Dark Mode feature, you can install Dark Reader and use it to surf websites on Dark Mode. You can also adjust the brightness of the Dark Mode, you can increase or reduce contrast, you can change fonts too.

6. Wikiwand

Wikiwand is a browser extension that only works on Wikipedia pages, this extension function is to give you a clear version of Wikipedia anytime you’re reading through pages on Wiki. It helps make the texts look bolder and also separate links and audios. It’s a very handful extension for reading and making researches on Wikipedia. It only works on Wikipedia pages as I said.

7. Just Read

Just read

Just Read is an extension that helps you read better on websites, this extension will disable Ads, remove videos, popups and also removes comments on pages while you read through them. It doesn’t have too many features but it’s a good extension to help you enjoy reader mode on your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

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8. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the best Adblock extensions for browsers like Chrome and Firefox, it can block any kind of Ads and popups set by website owners, it’s very simple to use and it helps one enjoy a good time while surfing a website without distractions.


If you check the Chrome or Mozilla web store, you’ll find out that there are thousands of browser extensions there and they all serve a different purpose, but the one’s I listed here are the one’s I use most times, but I’ll keep on updating this article when I have tried out other extensions.

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