How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria

How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria 2022?

Have you ever imagined how it would be if your income will start increasing in a matter of days? Most marketers fail miserably due to several reasons, but awaiting for the check to drop is a major reason why most marketers fail. Well, If have you been searching for the best fiverr gigs and how to make money from fiverr by promoting other sellers gigs, you’ve come to the right place!

Making money on Fiverr can be astounding for you. If you want to earn recurring passive income from the comfort of your home, then Fiverr is the best platform for you to make money online.

Utilizing your skills and getting paid for them is an amazing thing. Fiverr gigs is that platform that can give you that extra boost to your passive income. People usually get disheartened after not getting orders on Fiverr and that happened to me as well. It took me almost two years to understand Fiverr but I remained determined.

I know that I took time before getting clients on the platform but I will not let that happen to you. By following my guiding principle you will not only rank better but also get orders quickly. You will get answers o questions like:

  • What is Fiverr
  • How to rank Fiverr gig.
  • How to use Fiverr
  • How to work on Fiverr
  • How to use Fiverr to make money
  • How to sell on Fiverr
  • How to promote my Fiverr gig 

So let’s dive in.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an international online marketplace to buy or sell services that offer people to get whatever they want for a minimum fee of $5. Fiverr has become such a huge hit in no time since it was founded in 2009. Since then it has been helping people to outsource jobs and also helping many sellers to make money online.

The marketplace is mainly used by freelancers who make money on Fiverr by offering their services or gigs to its customers on a global, cross-country, scale.

What Are Fiverr Gigs?

A Fiverr gig is basically a task that is provided by a seller. Fiverr gigs can be anything from logo design, content writing, software development, video transcribing to hiring virtual assistants (VA). Any skill can be utilized on Fiverr.

What Kind of Gigs Should You Sell on Fiverr?

Since you will start with getting $4 from each sale of $5 and 80% of all sales as Fiverr keeps 20% for commission. You should start with gigs that won’t necessitate much hard work and time. This is true and useful because the buyers on Fiverr want their service ASAP.

So you need a gig where you don’t spend your whole week working on it so that you will have time to work on other jobs. While designing a gig, remember to keep to the Fiverr gig image size. You can hire a Fiverr logo design for your gig.

How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria 2022

Don’t sell gigs that will require weeks of work from you. Like “I will develop a full software application for you, for $5 ” or super-tight scheduled ones like “I will design a logo for you in 1 hour”.

Because of this type of hard-to-deliver gigs, your profile would be filled with negative ratings and reviews from people that aren’t satisfied with your final product because you can’t deliver on your gig. So try not to sell such gigs that can destroy your Fiverr profile and make you have to create a new account.

Now that we have gotten the basics, let’s focus on how to make money on Fiverr in 2022. These methods can bring you a lot of money and will make you independent and live well.

Here are my guidelines for how to make money online from Fiverr in 2022: 

1. Establish Your Skillset

Before starting a Fiverr business, you need to find out what services you are going to offer there. Being a professional in something is amazing as you will communicate better with your client and can influence them to place an order on your gig.

Communication is the key here and your communication will show your professionalism which only happens if you are proficient in a skill.

Making money on Fiverr can be easy if you know what tools are needed to fulfill the order. For example, you have a gig of Content writing and you receive an order on this gig. Then you must have tools like Grammarly, maybe Ahref, etc to fulfill this order.

2. SEO matters

You might be wondering how you want to do an SEO for a Fiverr gig, but whether you believe it or not, you need to do SEO on your Fiverr profile to get noticed.

To get into searches, you have to do your profile SEO.

  • Use a niche based username
  • Use niche related keywords in the description
  • Select skills related to your niche
  • Do profile image optimization 

Doing SEO for your gig is very important if you want to make more money on Fiverr. You have to understand the Fiverr algorithms and how Fiverr ranks the gig.

Beginners mostly don’t focus on SEO and that is why they are unable to make what they expect. To create a selling gig, you have to put your main keyword in your title, packages, description, tags, and most importantly in questions.

For Instance, you are a social media manager. Your main keywords are “social media management”, “social media manager”, “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “social media”. You’ve to add these keywords in all places.

3. Write Captivating Titles

Writing a persuasive title can be confusing for newbies. I know it was for me, I even had a friend do mine for me. This is why Fiverr’s Top-rated sellers suggest having a look at other best-selling gigs. You do not need to exactly imitate the title, rather use your creativity to edit it to your own skill.

Here are some tips for creating a gig title:

  • Keep your title short and relevant 
  • Use the main keyword first
  • Use numbers (24 hours rather than twenty-four hours)
  • Use simple words in your title
  • Be honest 
  • Avoid grammatical errors 

By following all these steps you can create a good title that will rank better in Fiverr searches and hence get your first job in Fiverr.

4. Create a Professional Gig Video

Buyers always hire those freelancers on Fiverr that are confident enough to create a video to express how good they are. If you feel your words are not enough to persuade the potential buyer to hire you, then a gig video can do the job. Presenting yourself and your services in a video is a great thing and you have to make sure the video lasts at least 30 seconds.

Introduce yourself in the video and share your knowledge and experience in the field, and what gives you an edge over other buyers. Show some of your portfolios in the video to hook the buyer to your gig. And according to Fiverr, gig videos have higher conversion rates thereby boosting your income.

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5. Choose Low Competition Keywords

One major mistakes beginners make is selecting highly competitive keywords. Ranking on highly competitive keywords is quite difficult because you are competing with already established profiles but if you pick the keywords of low competition, then chances of getting ranked would increase.

For example, you are an expert in computer networks and keen to create a gig of Cisco network. So do research first and then analyze what other bestsellers are offering in the Cisco network. You can use “Cisco configurations” instead of “network.”

As a beginner, you will take a lot of time to rank on high keywords and as a result, will earn late. But if you create a gig on a low competitive keyword with proper SEO, chances of getting ranked and orders will surely increase.

6. Gig Pricing

It can be very hard to choose how you want to price every package. So one way of figuring it out is looking at your competition, seeing what their pricing is. But, you shouldn’t price your gig exactly the same as your competitor.

You are a novice and you don’t have the credibility that they have so you definitely have to price your gigs much lower than them. I would recommend starting at just $10 and then working your way up when you get more credibility.

Once you get about 15 to 30 orders on a gig then you can look into increasing your prices.

7. Setup Your Profile Properly

People are much more liable to buy from someone who has a professional-looking profile. Your profile picture must look professional. You can use a username or your real name and you can also add your skill or niche as a user name (SEO Tip).

Take as many tests as you can in your field as it shows buyers that you know what you are doing, seeing a good score on the test.

I also would definitely recommend you to take the English test as I feel that it helps boost your gig in the Fiverr algorithm, especially if English is not your native language.

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8. Fill Out Profile Tags

Ensure you fill out your profile tags. In my case, I had gigs related to skills like content writing, copywriting, and computer networks so I had tags relating to those niches.

These tags are going to help you in boosting your gigs in the Fiverr algorithm.

9. Build Credibility To Your Work

Do not think about money in the beginning stages of working on Fiverr. I know that sounds weird, seeing as you are here to make money on Fiverr, but hear me out. It’s counterproductive to start out with the idea of making money first, first thing you should focus on is building reliability credibility trustworthiness, in other words, good reviews.

Nobody knows you or your worth, I mean you wouldn’t buy a product from a brand that is not tested and verified.

So you have to build your brand credibility, this might mean collecting little money for a great deal of work but just do it. Provide top-notch service consistently and the money will come.

10. Respond As Fast As You Can

When you get a message, respond as fast as possible. Having a fast response time is a very good thing. The Fiverr algorithm likes when you have a fast response time so they are going to recommend your gig to more people if you reply fast.

To improve your response rate, download the Fiverr app. So every time you receive a message from a client, you will get notified every single time and you can reply immediately.

11. Be Patient

The key and most significant tip I can give you is to be patient. It took me almost two years to get my first order. It took a while before I finally started getting orders consistently and even now I still get dry spells sometimes.

When it comes to growing your business on Fiverr you have to be very patient, and deliver your best when a gig comes. Don’t use 20% energy because the client is paying you $5, still use the same energy you will use for a $1000 job on the $5 job, at least for now, till you grow your brand on Fiverr.

It doesn’t matter the type of gig you have, you are going to get orders as long as you implement and maximize every single tip that I just shared.

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Fiverr is a professional freelancing platform and it can also give good results to beginners. I was once a beginner too and now, I’m earning from the platform consistently. It takes time to understand Fiverr algorithms, but with time, you will get the hang of it.

Just target low competitive keywords with good SEO and this will bring your gig in searches. As a beginner, Fiverr lets you create only 7 gigs. So create 7 gigs within your niche and turn your dreams into reality by making money online.

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