How To Sell Products On Whatsapp In Nigeria

For entrepreneurs, WhatsApp business is an extremely effective tool. More than 85% of the 50 million active users of social media in Nigeria are using WhatsApp. This makes WhatsApp the most popular social Media platform used in Nigeria. Therefore, WhatsApp and WhatsApp for business are extremely useful tools for entrepreneurs today.

Despite economic and financial issues the country is facing, Nigeria is at the forefront of business activity pioneering through WhatsApp since the year 2015. Tech companies are making use of WhatsApp’s API to improve their interactions with their customers.

A few e-commerce firms use WhatsApp to help customers. Chatbot functions have also been integrated into WhatsApp to boost customer engagement.

Small business owners have reported more trust from users of WhatsApp over others social networks. This is due to the personalized approach Whatsapp platform takes in its interactions with customers. This has resulted in more sales through WhatsApp over Instagram as well as Facebook.

WhatsApp for Business was designed for business to help users to enhance their customers’ experience. Apart from improving the communication between customers, WhatsApp for businesses has added features that help with the management of customers. For entrepreneurs, WhatsApp business also gives more credibility to your chats than the standard WhatsApp.

Nowadays in Nigeria, 8 out of 10 people with a smartphone in Nigeria currently have WhatsApp installed. WhatsApp is a social media platform purchased by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014 after it’s inception just half a decade, in fact, the most popular and fastest growing communication app.

If you believe that WhatsApp is only for sending texts, you’re very wrong. Today, people are spending longer on WhatsApp than they do on their personal social media accounts. I’m sure you have people on your contacts that you sells products either on their status it advertise things to you through broadcast messaging.

In Nigeria presently, WhatsApp is more popular than Facebook and even my the ageing population is using WhatsApp right now. It’s already replacing SMS and phonecalls and is rapidly becoming our main mode of communication.

While the majority of users are know about using WhatsApp for messaging, it can also be used as a very effective marketing tool to small-scale enterprises. In this article we’ve provided some simple guidelines on how to sell products on whatsapp in Nigeria.

How To Sell Products On Whatsapp In Nigeria

WhatsApp has no “ads, games, gimmicks,” unlike Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter but you can still make use of the platform to promote your products or services. It’s all about how can you make use of it to benefit your company?

1. WhatsApp Groups

Facebook groups are an excellent opportunity to market your business or products. You can create your own online seller’s group or join one using an invitation link.

Consider it an online community that allows you to not only publish links to your services or product, but also share business information. To begin you can set up an account for your business or join groups with similar interests of sellers and buyers in your neighborhood.

2. WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp unveiled a feature known as Whatsapp Status. Like Instagram or Snapchat stories, WhatsApp Status allows users to post short images or videos which disappear after a time that is 24 hours.

Your WhatsApp status will be distributed to your contact list, so you’re guaranteed the most exposure. You can make use of this feature to show pictures of your product or a quick demonstrations of how your product will benefit the user. potential buyers will begin to follow with excitement about.

3. WhatsApp Broadcast

Do you want to send a private message to everyone, but do not want to copy and paste it over and over? Make use of WhatsApp Broadcast Lists to broadcast messages in mass.

You can reach a large amount of people using just one feature. To achieve this, make lists of topics that you want to cover and then send out one-way messages that are designed to boost engagement, just like you use on Twitter. For example, you could include hyperlinks or invitations in your tweets.

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4. Direct Messaging (DMs)

Utilizing Direct messages on WhatsApp is among the most effective methods for business development that you can utilize. Direct messaging is a way you can search directly for a potential lead customer and send them a an individual message about your services and products.

Keep in mind that it’s not all about you, so exercise care when using this method to avoid sending out bother your potential customers.

5. Cold Calling using WhatsApp Call.

The term “cold calling” refers to the process of making a call that is not solicited to a person (prospective potential customer) in order to sell products or services.

WhatsApp offers a call feature that lets you make calls to anyone at no cost. This is an excellent method to keep in touch with certain business contacts.

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WhatsApp calls can be also used to assist customers for support reasons, allowing customers to dial to your office for free in the event that they require a conversation with a person on your team.


WhatsApp is an effective communication tool. It is becoming popular due to its simple interface. In addition to being used for personal communications. You can also utilize WhatsApp to run your business in many ways. It’s affordable and can be set up in a short time.

Many WhatsApp sellers make use of the InvoiceApp Online Payment feature as their primary payment method.

All you need to do is post the payment link via WhatsApp and allow them to pay you in any way such as debit Cards and Credit Cards Netbanking, UPI. Are you making use of WhatsApp to market or sell your company? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.

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